Pig Roast


Have you got a group of people and want something a little different to put a sizzle into your vacation?  Bring your party out to Bird Lake and have a delicious hog roast cooked by one of our experienced hog chefs.


We can accommodate any number of people for delicious marinated hog or maybe a passel of roast turkeys.  We slowly cook the perfect hog for your occasion on our own special hog cooker.  We have served 20 - 250 people.


Larger groups have the outside seating or smaller groups are in the licensed restaurant.


Our restaurant can accommodate about 25 but we have done larger numbers in shifts more than a few times.  We also have a number of side dishes to compliment your occasion.  In short, we will do just about anything to make your hog/turkey roast a success.


So bring your fishing, office or snowmobiling group to Nopiming Lodge for the feast of a lifetime.